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Drinking Coffee At SEO strategy meeting
Drinking Coffee At SEO strategy meeting

This collection of search engine optimization products and SEO reseller packages are designed to help brands see a boost to their ratings while increasing daily traffic. The suite includes a whole host of such services including press releases, blog content generation, editorial link placement, white hat guest posts, and much more.

Stellar Customer Support

When SEO COMPANY DIRECT was designed, customer service was one of the primary priorities. The support staff for SEO COMPANY DIRECT is sure to be able to provide help with any issue that might arise or answer any question you might have. Our account managers and support team are here to serve you, and they are always accessible. The team of search marketing experts at SEO COMPANY DIRECT are able to provide a customer experience unlike any other.

Intuitive and Simple Interface

Every project undertaken is kept organized using a state-of-the-art order portal that showcases reports, statuses, and projects all at once. Everything one could want to know about every order is kept in a single sleek interface. Standard features come built-in with this portal, such as bulk ordering uploads and even an order API. On-site auditing is also an option, as well as many other features.

Discounts for Bulk Purchases

Wholesale prices are great, but adding even more bulk discounts drives the prices even lower. Customers who regularly order bulk services will be given permanent and deep discounts. This helps the profit margin of the resale to increase to its maximum. Those who are interested should consider joining the bulk buyer program, which will offer the highest possible deductions of any product in the suite.

Non-Labeled SEO Reports

The entire purpose of this service is to be resold, so none of the reports use branding of any sort. There are no tag-lines, phone numbers, or any other identifying characteristic to the creator. They can be styled for each individual client, or they can be resold right away. There is no way for any client to trace the source of these links to us. They will simply think you created them yourself specifically for them, which will make them feel confident in your services.


SEO Statistics and Google Search Stats 2017-2018

SEO Stats and Google Search Statistics 2017-2018

Internet Search Study

affordable-seo-firmChanges are a part of life when it comes to Google searches. Recently, a new Searchmetrics Universal & Extended Search Study was released, and the report includes information about current search trends that are vital to SEO. If you want to succeed in online marketing, keep these new SEO stats and data findings in mind.

Mobile SEO Stats

First, the study showed that organic results in mobile search have decreased from 10 to 8.5. In other mobile search news, the difference between search results from smartphones and desktop searches continues to increase (PPC Stats 2018). Video, news, and maps have declined on desktop search results while rising on mobile platforms.

affordable-seo-firmWe’ve known that Google AdWords is a big fan of variety, and that continues to be true. Google Adwords Statistics search results include Twitter cards, knowledge graphs, news boxes and other innovative features. If you’re trying to gain additional traffic, don’t forget about Extended Search integrations since these have been shown to be successful.

In order to properly understand this recent study’s findings, you need to understand what organic search  actually is. To put it simply, Universal Search creates media-filled pages using video, local search results pages, images, and other factors. Throughout 2016-2017, 75 percent of all keyword queries used Universal Search pieces, so this is a vital factor.

Online marketers also can’t forget about Extended Search. During both mobile and desktop searches, your organic search is competing with factors such as Twitter cards, fact boxes, mobile carousels, and answers to related questions.

Video Search Statistics

Concerning video searches, a strong majority of videos included in search results hail from YouTube. If you’re interested in Universal Search integration, you’ll need to work through the YouTube platform to optimize your content to get the best results from your efforts.

In the past, search engine optimization was a fairly basic technical process. However, those days are no longer. Today’s successful online marketers understand that they must continually update and change their strategies to meet the needs of today’s searches. In addition, keyword work is not enough. They must also work to succeed with Extended Search integrations to take full advantage of Google’s metrics.

What is Guest Posting?

men-and-dogWhat is guest posting? Sure many of you are already familiar with the term and you do them often, but many can you heard it, you sound completely Chinese. Well I have good weeks after delaying the post, decided to take a moment today to expose the subject. I think the guest blogging can be a great tool for journalists today, allowing to build a strong personal brand, naturally and sustained on its own merits.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting for backlinks is an online marketing technique that is widespread in America and that has a large parish faithful in Spain: is basically working as a guest in a friend blog of the same sector, contributing articles highly relevant content on your specialty and vice versa, because you can open your blog to collaborations with colleagues who have something to offer your readers. The benefit-hence its success- lies with all parties:

You gain notoriety, samples openly your knowledge to a new audience, publicly receive the trust of other colleagues, you find new business contacts and business opportunities, followers want and attract quality backlinks.
The host manages effortlessly quality content, more traffic and more quality, viral and, what is better: much of the notoriety and the trust placed in you puts his audience in the form of subscription and loyalty.
The audience gets good content, relevant and useful information on a particular subject, with the signing of an industry professional and the quality of a skilled artisan.
guest blogging benefits

I have no doubt that you already have in mind the level of demand that one should be marked if you decide to bet on the technique of guest blogging to grow in notoriety within their sector. Posts here are not worth two paragraphs that superficially tell a story about the sector or an opinion on something without a good and convincing argument. Write guest posts to blogging would be like writing a big story for the Sunday paper or prepare a television special on a central theme: broad in outlook, rigorous, contrasted with several sources, reasoned opinion, impeccably written, attractive and detailed and in-depth information (if you’re able to get that in two paragraphs: I buy!).

If you decide to bet on it, like outsourced link building services guest blogging allow you to take a second step in the race to the bottom which is personal branding. It is true that the demand is high, but the benefits can be amazing. Write guest star in a specialized blog in your area is much more impressive to your professional image share your blog posts with your LinkedIn network contacts and represents, in the eyes of others, a whole letter of recommendation offered by sector partners, are supposed to be the most knowledgeable in your field.

guest authors outreach

The idea is good and, as with all great ideas have emerged around many platforms and businesses that allow you to jump into this new world of the guest blogger: from places to find people you invite to join your blog or potential guest to introduce special tools WordPress for you to adapt your blog to a form of guest blogging comfortable, safe and simple. Here I gather some of the most mentioned and recommended on the internet. For starters can serve especially as part of your SEO strategy for positioning websites, but if you look capable and have good contacts, I recommend that you go to excellence: select accounts blogs of interest, very focused on your industry, which allow you to collaborate from time to time and focus your efforts on providing content very, very good quality.

Most popular platforms Guest Posts (all are in English, in an upcoming post will make a selection of the ones in Phoenix AZ, promised!)


Make Money with posts

My guest blog

guest blogging platform


English blogging platform


To do guest blogging


To find guest authors


Sharing site posts

Popular plugins for WordPress blogging guest posts

Peter’s posts notes: allows control of new posts by notes that can leave your guests in the authors section to edit posts. So you can tell them what you would like to review before publishing them and ask yourself directly doubts and other questions about the workflow.

Peter’s collaboration emails: receive an email whenever any of your guests add a posts, so you can check it directly through a link in the email and you will approve it once you’ve edited it necessary. Also, as you finish editing the posts and give a pass, the guest author receives an email in which he is informed that the input is validated and published, with a link to the final content.

Guest Post WordPress Plugin allows you invited authors to submit their articles without having to make login in the administration area. It offers you an easy way to edit.

Do you know any tool or interesting platform for guest blogging? Thanks in advance for sharing:) International gold “Your WordPress

Guest Post Outreach

Some time ago I reached my ears a term that I found very interesting, called “Guest Blogging,” a term which many of you probably know, but if that is not the case here’s a little definition.

Guest Blogging is what translated into Spanish, would become “Guest Blogger” or “Blogging as Guest”, that is, we (bloggers) wrote an article for another page or blog. In exchange for what? may be wondering … well first you will be recognized for that post, and placing a link at the end of the article, may have potential visits, and as we know, the more visits better.

There are many other benefits that brings this technique for both the guest and the host, but in short I think is amazing, the only problem is … it is not widely used in blogs in Spanish and taking that as a point of game, seems to me to create “Blogs Hosts” and write content for them, is a great advertising tactics, and we should start doing.

I’m still a beginner blogger, but those who have popular blogs, can benefit, and put a simple link (either in the footer, or elsewhere) that allows contact with the blog owner, or announced that they are looking for people to write articles for them.

The only condition is:

That is quality content, and in addition to that which is original content.

So interested, just respond to this issue, and if they want documented much more, can read the guide How to Build a Blog With 10,000 suscribers Glen Allsopp, just enter your email (quiet, it is not spam)

Link Building Service

10 Powerful Methods to Outsource Your Search Engine Optimization and Link Building Services

affordable-link-building-servicesNatural authority development known as earning links and focusing on the Search Engine Optimization and positions of your website may be among the daunting and very tedious jobs approximately. For all those folks who really aren’t unskilled in these places, it is something that can be readily outsourced. Understanding the very best firms link construction practices and to work with is the most important thing.

SCD is a really famous link building service and Search Engine Optimization management business that’s been since 2006 in the match and has helped over 30,000 of websites rank higher in search results through a broad variety of systems.

Social Bookmarking

Societal BookmarkingThe web is more societal than ever and that means your website must be to. At this point you have to spend the time to submit to every one of the major web directories and make headlines and unique descriptions for each. Social bookmarking can be a slow procedure, so it is definitely one to think about when outsourcing.

Squidoo Lens

While Squidoo mightn’t be as strong as it used to be, their website does and has millions of visitors rank well in the search results. Creating a Squidoo lens for your website and it is market audience is an effective strategy funnel traffic back to your website and to reach new audiences. You can even market your Squidoo lens through social bookmarking to raise it’s traffic and own ranks.

Newsgroup Link Building

Newsgroups are still among the most effective approaches to reach new audiences that are enthusiastic about various issues. Make sure you make use of the anchor text that is correct and simply create accounts and links within newsgroups which are associated with your website content. Again, supply some worth in the procedure and the key here would be to have this done.

Press Releases

affordable-seo-firmPress Release Even if press releases are for do- passing page ranking and follow, they could still be utilized to expand your reach to new audiences. When developing a press release make certain you’re targeting what is hot in the brand new right. The aim behind press releases is that other new factory outlets reference back to your website after which write about and see your info.

DMOZ Listing

Status Tracking

Google Rank is CrazyKnowing where your website ranks in the search results is incredibly significant. There are a lot of tools available for doing this, but you could additionally possess the tracking and direction outsourced, that will give you all-inclusive position reports and recommended key words to goal.

Video Distribution

Using videos with your website content is a very good strategy to interact with new audiences. Yet in the event you aren’t submitting your video content to net 2.0 properties and other big video web directories and websites, you’re possibly missing out on lots of visitors and backlinks to your website. Taking the time to submit your videos into the proper types as well as these websites reach and can undoubtedly help your total website development.

It is now more important more than ever to ensure the speed of your website is up to level. Cleaning up your content, using quick loading CDNs, ensuring your pictures and widgets load quickly all promote positions of your website and the total speed.

Site Remarking

Blog CommentingAn exceptional method to gain actual visitors and backlinks to your website is through website commenting as a link building service. Among the greatest issues with site remarking is that there are lots of people who are doing it the incorrect manner. You must spend time to write actual opinions that supply value and comment on sites which are associated with your website for website remarking to work.

OnPage Optimization

Regardless of which kind of link building you’re going to focus on your time and effort, you’re going to have to ensure that your websites and content pages are up to speed too.

There are numerous methods to buy links back to your web site with no need to spam or automate the procedure as it is possible to observe. As much as we all would like to execute each one of these practices into our own websites, most of us just do not have the time or resources. Outsourcing these procedures to a well respected service like SEO Company Direct  which uses your possibility will significantly enhance to see higher ranks in the search results

SSL certificates

Recently, Google content marketing consulting has joined as one of the factors to consider to position naturally (SEO) have an SSL certificate.

In CDmon we are aware of all the industry news that may affect our users. One of the newest is linked to the SSL certificates. It seems that Google has begun to consider positively to position that websites have an SSL security certificate. For now, just going to have very little influence, but it seems that its importance to SEO will be increasing next 2015.

The Google algorithm now takes into account what is known as “Penguin”, precisely in charge of combating high pr backlinks and link building services that offered poor quailty of the best content spam.

In fact, it is well known that having an SSL certificate, especially for ecommerce, gives much more confident users who surf and shop online. So in CDmon, any customer with a hosting contract with us can purchase your security certificate. Thus, the SSL certificate guarantees that the website is secure and that there is no danger to send confidential information (personal details, account numbers, etc.), and an image of reliability and professionalism shown.

link building

link building SEO consulting makes companies successful by using the Internet (Search Engine Marketing). We ensure that you will find your website if one is looking for your services / products. Your website can be found (top positions Google) when your website is optimized (in terms of both technique and content). It is also of great importance to links as much as possible (links) to other websites to get to your site. SEO Consulting provides years SEO link building programs for several large and small customers. We also work for a large number of customers of partner companies. We do continue with a team of experienced SEO specialists that we the “standard” screening SEO of a website.

search-engine-optimization-firmsOur experience shows that the monthly spread deployment of a certain number of hours of high-quality SEO optimization and link building services, continues to spur growth in findability, Google rank, visitors and thus extra income! Would you like top positions in Google? We can achieve this by optimizing your website SEO and empower our link building services! Your website will be on relevant keywords to find, so you attract the right visitors to your website!

Places of quality links by: Weblogs, business directories, Google Maps, directories, etc.
Linkruils and guest blogging on other websites without there left on your own website
Links and articles sites in our network (500+ sites)
Blog Building, building a blog focused on your industry and search terms
Notifications to Social Bookmarks
News writing and distributing across all channels (news, private networking, social media, etc.)
Active presence at industry-related forums, to improve brand awareness
* All the above services are carried out with a well-founded strategy, SEO technique and knowledge!

You need a top position in the free Google results? SEO Consulting is a specialist in SEO link building. Request a free quote so you’re easier to find in the search engines! Please contact one of our specialists!


Sitemap Tips

linkbuilding-2013The sitemap as its name suggests, a site map, a file in XML that defines which pages contained in our web, like a scheme it were, its purpose is to facilitate job seekers so they can find before pages without walking lost the tangle of links. Thus no index page is not allowed and therefore the sitemap is one of the strengths to start our Web project.

The sitemap file and also facilitate the url to search engine, tells the refresh that page, the importance of it against another and the date of the last update.

The structure of this sitemap should be as follows: 1.0
weekly 0.9

Most labels can be about understanding as “urlset” to open the code and “url” nesting information of each of the pages. “Loc” would indicate what the url in question, “priority” is the factor that indicates the relevance of the URL and you valued from 0.1 to 1.0 being 1.0 the maximum value, and ideally locate only in the index of the web . And the 0.9 in the main sections, the rest should be less, not including a 1.0 and 0.9 to all pages will get a better result. In case of a blog, the better the item not labeled, for example.

Finally we have the label “lastmod”, which is optional and should be W3C Date time format (YYYY-MM-DD), you do not include the time, and as the name suggests, we expressed when the last update was performed. And the label “changefreq”, also optional, and where many webmasters make the mistake of putting the frequency of change is daily. If our website is not updated daily and do to try to fool the search engine, we ensure that the search engine is tired and lower frequency tracking, re-get is complicated, so it is ideal to put a weekly basis should have a news website, and most likely the search happens in quite some time less than 7 days. For example in this blog technology is going every 5 days (today).

A Sitemap can not have more than 50,000 URL’s, but you can create as many as you want and give them sitemap high in Google Webmaster tools without any fear of being penalized.

Well, we talked about the sitemap for search engines, we know to be in XML format, but another format should be considered. Is our sitemap HTML format. With this format we get the user to access a file with all our documents organized by category, and also with an anchor text chosen by us to improve internal links.

Finally there are free services to automatically generate sitemaps, such as xml-sitemap, which generates up to 500 urls in its free version, there is a paid versione tecnologia, la tecnologia al alcance de todos en Blog Tecnologico.

Google Penalty

buildersGoogle Penalty – Why Google penalizes pages and possible symptoms of penalizaciónSe could say that as a rule the penalties of search engines can be of two types. On one side are the penalties algorithm and other penalties for manual review. Yes, it may seem hard to believe, Google has hundreds of employees reviewing the content and quality of web pages on the internet.

Penalties algorithms could be defined as the identification by robots indexing certain patterns that are indicative of spam or dishonest actions.

Penalties for manual review takes place when someone at Google sees an action within a website that is against ethical guidelines or recommended practices of search engines.

As Matt Cutts explains in his blog, your Page Rank has dropped only means that according to analysis systems Google “your site has lost some confidence that Google had in it.” For those cases where a site has lost about 1 point Page Rank the problem is not very big and has a solution, but if a site has lost more than 50% or 60% of the Page Rank hit, then the problem surely is greater.

Here’s a list of the main reasons why your website SEO Services may have lost Page Rank. I have ordered this list less serious to more serious, though in truth, this is just my opinion and I can not be sure that the text hidden less severe than buying links. Although if I could be sure 100% that have broken links is less important than exchanging links. In any case, if your site has one of the top five problems should not have seen a decline in PR than 1 point, maybe 2 points in the worst case and if you have not fixed your problem over time, because chances are that fix the problem everything back to normal.


Possess lots of broken links.
Have html serious errors.
Your pages are hyperdense keywords.
Have links in the Footer that are not related to your website.
You possess duplicate content.
You have been exchanging links.
You have been buying links.
Your website has hidden in the code that is only visible to search bots text.
Have URLs or misleading Titles that do not represent the actual content of the page.
Have pages that are gateways and therefore have deceptive redirects.
Do cloaking: the website you submit to search spiders web is different visitors see.
What might be some symptoms of penalty from Google?
Your domain has ceased to appear in search engines for domain name: a rule is because Google has detected any of the last six above cases on your website. It may be that neither the cover of the domain appears in the search engines.

Some of your pages no longer appear in the ranking: sometimes it may happen that a page within a domain has ceased to appear in the search engine dramatically for particular keyword. It may be due to two main causes: You have been buying links with the same anchor text for that page or you used too many times that keyword on the page.

All domain has completely stopped appearing in Google for all your keywords: this is the worst that can happen. It means that your domain has been deleted from the index pages of the search engine. I’ve never seen, but if it happened to you, I recommend you start thinking about creating another site with another domain name.

Google Penalty – Reasons and consequences of being penalized by Google If you’ve seen any of the above symptoms in your website not to get you panic. There may be several reasons why you can be happening, which do not have to be serious in the medium or long term for your website. Eg you have common mistakes indexing as your sitemap does not work, your robots.txt file has blocked seekers or your server has been down for a long period of time.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

With only five days of Apple have released to the public its payments platform, there have been a series of failures that cause great commotion users and large agencies about the new system by the great company of the white apple.
The new tool for web payments was enabled only in the USA initially as a way to try but Stand to present more problems than benefits for the company. However Apple denied responsibility that involved in the issue and said that the error does not come from them if not for intermediaries (banks) that perform the transaction.


Users who have used the service have reported irregularities in payments in several ways. The company Bank of America directly affected by these failures, has more than a thousand users who have turned to this new system of Apple and where complainants claim that Apple charges Pay exceeded the value of their purchases, including in some cases , duplicate original figures.
Some common mistakes that have been frequently reported is the duplication of the collection where he is charging two or even three times the value of the invoice to customers to transact Pay by Apple. With only five days Pay Apple have come to the public and more than a thousand users affected Apple’s situation is critical. During this short period of time users have been forced to go to the bank branches to claim back the money that was charged extra.

Bank of America is one of the entities involved to be intermediary payment platform announcement publicly before any money back will make a detailed review of the charges and transactions. Thus ensure what happened to proceed with any action that can support before the public. Apple continues defending its position by stating that the error does not come from its platform but the transaction data which are not their responsibility if the intermediary bank.
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